Automated Savings

Smart, Automated Savings Account

BankRoll funds are savings accounts that save your money according to how you spend. Here's how it works: BankRoll creates micro ACH transactions that move your money from your primary bank account to a fund according to the rules you have set. Basically, BankRoll saves a slice of your everday spending.
Example Fund - Save 1% on all transactions up to $140.00.
Pretty simple uh...

    Here's a few more awesome BankRoll features...

  • - BankRoll deposits are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000
  • - BankRoll funds are available within two business days
  • - Recorded history of all your BankRoll deposits
  • - Overdraft protection (BankRoll will never transfer money you don't have)
  • - Transfer up to 50% (max.) of your purchase amounts into a fund
  • - Create transfers on purchases up to $5,000.00 (max.)
  • - Account alerts to keep you informed on your savings progress
  • - Fund goals & deadlines to help keep your savings on pace